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President: Jim Bear Running Montoya | Vice President: Debbie Nelson

Bear RunningDeb Nelson

Hello Everyone,

       We are still managing to push on and be involved with the Community, our drum group "The Gathering of Spirits", continues to perform at new businesses such as The Air Force Academy, Calhan Fair, Schriever Air Force Base, and Garden of the Gods Trading Post.

       In August we had a very nice pot luck at the center on the 13th, it was great to see some of our community elder members and meet with new member's. The food was great, and we are planning to have another pot luck in the future.

       I am hoping the Colorado Springs Indian Center will continue to reach out to new groups and organizations to benefit everyone. We have started this by connecting with the Southwest Native Studies cooking class at Colorado College with Juliana Hernandez. We conducted one cooking class on the 18th of September which went very well. Carol Little Bird and I started the connection with Juliana Hernandez and we will have another cooking class on October 1st and 15th from 11:30AM to 4:00PM on both dates. Every Colorado Springs Indian Center member is invited, these cooking classes are to teach Native People about healthy alternatives and cooking choices.

       Debbie Nelson, my Vice President, is working very hard on Grants in hopes of being able to make a lot of changes to the Colorado Springs Indian Center programs. We would appreciate any ideas and participation in the Indian Center activities. As the President of the Indian Center, I would like our center to become a place of fun, connecting to one another in a good way.

       Thank you,

       Jim Bear Running Montoya
       President of the Colorado Springs Indian Center

Current CSIC Princess

       The current Colorado Springs Indian Center Princess is Geri Montoya. Geri is Navajo, Apache, and Lakota. Images of the current CSIC Princess can be found in the PHOTO Gallery and on the CSIC Princess page.

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