President: Jim Bear Running Montoya | Vice President: Debbie Nelson

Bear RunningDeb Nelson

Hello Everyone.

       Our drum group, "The Gathering of Spirits" is looking for Dancers, Singers and Drummers who would like to try out and become a member of our group and donate their time to help our Center.

       We have performed at the World Arena, Pikes Peak Center, Fort Carson, Cheyenne Resort, Territory Days, Bronco Days, and many other places, and this summer we have several performances lined up.

       "The Gathering of Spirits" is not a pow wow drum group. I started our drum circle approximately five years ago, and it has a mixture of both men and women who take pride in the group and embrace it as the lifeblood and financial sustainability of the center and I am very proud of our group.

       Due to the numerous request for performances, I would like to invite our members who love to Drum, Sing, or Dance to come join our team!

       We are receiving a large amount of inquiries, so you must send us a letter and provide some information about yourself and your experience as a Native American Drummer, Singer, Dancer or Flute Player.

Colorado Springs Indian Center Contact Information:

Mail: Colorado Springs Indian Center, 701 N 20th St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Jim Bear Running Montoya
President of the Colorado Springs Indian Center


       Hello everyone. We are asking for your help, and would appreciate any type of donations that you can give to help us keep the center open, and promote the preservation of Native culture. Our struggles are primarily financial and we are currently being supported by our drum group, “The Gathering of Spirits”. Although we have been able to remain independent maintaining our insurance and operating expenses, we don’t have the funds necessary to help us strengthen our programs and develop new projects helping our community and center.

       Our endeavor is to give a location to all races of people who have an interest in Native culture and way of life. We would like to have enough money available to offer dancing, beading, regalia making, community dinners, pot-lucks etc.

       If you wish to donate, any amount (large or small) would be greatly appreciated ($ 1.00 to $ 10.00)

       Our mailing address is: 701 N 20th Street Colorado Springs, CO 80904-2799 (or for your convenience, a donation button has been added to our web site).

       We run a safe camp and do not tolerate alcohol, drugs or people wanting to cause disturbances of any kind. It is our mission to bring unity to our American Indian, Alaska Native community, and the community at large, by fostering emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well- being and continually look for better ways to serve our members and the community at large.

       On the behalf of the Colorado Springs Indian Center and the Board of Directors, we would like to thank you for your support and willingness to help us save our Center.


Jim Bear Running Montoya, President
Debbie Nelson, Vice President


       The Colorado Springs Indian Center is asking for large donations from Professional businesses that are willing to give a donation to the Center in the amount of $500.00 or more, your business would be listed as a sponsor of the Colorado Springs Indian Center.
       We would like to invite you to view our website and see how easy it is to navigate ensuring a positive browsing experience for all users. View our "Sponsors Page" here.
       The Colorado Springs Indian Center is a 501C3 non-profit business and all donations are tax deductible. We are asking for the donations so the Colorado Springs Indian Center can continue to serve to Colorado Springs area by teaching and performing at entertainment locations and schools. We also assist in organizations that require Native American involvement and help Native Americans that come into the Colorado Springs area.

       We are continually working hard to stay in existence in the Colorado Springs area, and would be very grateful for your help.

Current CSIC Princess

       The current Colorado Springs Indian Center Princess is Geri Montoya. Geri is Navajo, Apache, and Lakota. Images of the current CSIC Princess can be found in the PHOTO Gallery and on the CSIC Princess page.

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