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About CSIC

The Colorado Springs Indian Center is located at

515 Manitou Ave Suite 230
Manitou Springs, CO 80829
Phone: 719-599-8630
Vision:  Supporting one another: Generation to Generation
Purpose: The purpose of the CSIC is to reach out to the American Indian / Alaskan Native community (and the community at large) in the Pikes Peak region to identify needs, to develop new programs and/or network with existing service providers for more culturally sensitive  social, health, education and other services for American Indians / Alaskan Natives.  The CSIC also acts as the focal point for the Native American community by sponsoring social / cultural events and activities.
Resource documents you may need: 
Outreach:  Active Participation in the CSIC Circle
CSIC Vision Book  (tells you about the history of the CSIC and the local needs and issues that were defined in 2007)
Activity Packet (to request approval for activities or projects)
CSIC Flyer (our marketing document—use this for letting people know about the CSIC).
ByLaws for the Colorado Springs Indian Center
Our Strategic Objectives outline our mission, values,  who we are, why we are and where we are going.
Mission:  Our mission is to bring unity to our American Indian,  Alaska Native community, and the community at large, by fostering emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.”

 Core values: Respect, integrity, generosity, courage.

Strategy #1: Create a sense of community for the American Indian people in the Pikes Peak Region
Goal 1.1: Develop a local coalition that will coordinate resources and services for American Indian people
Goal 1.2: Design and implement an Indian Center that can provide services and cultural programs for American Indian people
Goal 1.3: Create a Council of Elders who can provide guidance for healthy living and for cultural programs
Strategy #2: Provide support for American Indian youth to encourage them to graduate from both high school and college
Goal 2.1: Train caring adults to serve as mentors, program facilitators and tutors
Goal 2.2: Initiate culturally relevant parenting programs that increase confidence and knowledge among American Indian parents and grandparents
Goal 2.3: Train and supervise peer mentoring program so that youth can support their peers
Goal 2.4: Implement curriculum based on cultural values and traditions that fosters cultural knowledge, identity, belonging, confidence, purpose and leadership
Goal 2.5: Create opportunities for youth to participate in community activities in meaningful ways
Strategy #3: Increase access to culturally relevant social and family services, mental health, health care, and educational services
Goal 3.1: Implement a referral service through the Indian Center
Goal 3.2: Develop formal relationships with non-profit organizations, government agencies, and other organizations that serve American Indian people
Goal 3.3: Conduct a needs assessment of the local American Indian community to define specific gaps in service
Strategy #4: Increase awareness and understanding of American Indian culture and traditions in the Pikes Peak Region
Goal 4.1: Provide public education and events that feature traditional cultural values, practices, arts, and crafts
Goal 4.2: Create an positive American Indian presence at local community events
Goal 4.3: Participate in the planning and development of community cultural and historical activities
Goal 4.4: Create opportunities for American Indian artists, musicians, dancers, cinematographers, to showcase their talent.
Goal 4.5: Create opportunities for American Indian business people to profile their resources, products and services
Goal 4.6: Develop relationships with local religious organizations, businesses, corporations and professional organizations to create awareness of the capabilities and contributions of American Indians
Strategy #5: Develop the leadership capacity of American Indians in the Pikes Peak Region
Goal 5.1: Provide opportunities for American Indians (youth and adults) to participate in the planning and implementation of community projects, events, and programs.
Goal 5.2: Develop a core of mentors (peers) who can provide support for healthy lifeways
Goal 5.3: Create linkages and relationships with local leadership development opportunities for adults and for youth
Goal 5.4: Create culturally oriented community service opportunities and service-learning opportunities for adults and for youth
Goal 5.5: Provide training for adults and youth to increase their knowledge and leadership capacity.

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